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Some of the trophies in this game won't immediately unlock either; they will once the current Episode is over for that specific trophy.

Step 1 - Complete the game with all characters alive, AND find all collectibles - There are several choices that can result in a characters deaths.

You can get this quickly by closing the application once you get an ending trophy and resuming the game or by just replaying episode 10.

Four Daughters Of Darkness All of the girls survived until dawn The girls are: Sam, Emily, Jessica and Ashley.

The game has 4 different types of collectibles with a total of 107.

There are also 2 additional Mystery Man collectibles as part of the bonus DLC that aren't required for trophies.

If you already completed the game and saved everyone, then you can, through episode select, and start at Episode 6.

Here's how to successfully kill them starting off there: The Tale of The Two Sisters The group found all the clues from the Twins Clueline See Night of the Totem Hunter.

Beware that some of these collectibles require you to scroll through pages and will count as multiple collectibles for each one.

Until Dawn is a "Story Driven Interactive" game where the choices that you make will have a profound impact on the story.

You will play and switch between 8 different teenagers and their fate is in your hands.

See They All Live for more information on how to keep these guys alive.

They All Live All eight friends survived until dawn There are many points within the game where a decision will lead towards a characters death.

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