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Scott: Saying he was nervous was and understatement. When you two get there, Scott started talking to your mom and he seemed very relaxed. He couldn't sit still and kept rambling about how they are going to hate him.

If there were identical twins and one of them was transgender, would the other one be as well?

" Stiles: You were sitting at the dinner table with Stiles and your parents.

I came home one afternoon to see you two cuddling on the couch. That's how I knew." She shrugs as your dad gives her twenty dollars.

I approve also." "I really appreciate your approvals" Liam says relieved.

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    In April 1950, soon after the communist takeover of Czechoslovakia, a mock “synod” was convoked at Prešov at which five priests and a number of laymen signed a document declaring that the union with Rome was dissolved and asking to be received into the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate (the Orthodox Church of Czechoslovakia after 1951).

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    I'm comin' for your head." Don't get it twisted -- Holloway's got crazy respect for Aldo ...

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    Optical dating, also known as optically stimulated luminescence (OSL), dates the last time mineral sediments (usually quartz or feldspar grains ) were exposed to sunlight.

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    “Well,” I said, “the Greatest Show of Legs always carry elastic bands for their routine…” “Which brings us back to Totnes,” said Matt. And (Matt’s on-stage character) Wilfredo, too, was invented in Totnes.” “Both? “It is a fantastic place to live,” said Matt, “and it’s full of very creative, interesting people – a nice community – but there’s a very precious, almost slightly pretentious side to its attitude to art or artists’ attitude to their own art.” “You don’t want to be quoted saying that,” I suggested. “Martin and Malcolm (Hardee) had come across a group of militant feminists who were having a weekly meeting about how to wipe out Chinese foot-binding.” “I think,” said my eternally-un-named-friend, “that John wrote about it in a blog.” “I might have done,” I said.