Stop shockwave from updating

Brought to the gladiator arenas, Soundwave was questioned by Megatron over his opinions on Ratbat's activities, but Soundwave—assaulted by the thoughts of the huge throng of gladiators around him—struggled to answer.Impressed by the way in which Soundwave viewed his cassette partners as equals in outright contradiction to the Functionist standards of his employer, Megatron permitted him to read his mind, and there, Soundwave saw Megatron's genuine desire for all Cybertronians to be equal.

Megatron's next new recruit was senator Shockwave, who Soundwave hated on sight: the Shadowplay Shockwave had been subjected had removed his emotions, leaving Soundwave completely unable to read his thoughts.

Per Soundwave's plan, the Decepticons allowed themselves to be arrested during a recruitment rally, when Megatron provoked an Autobot response by making an attempt on the life of Senator Decimus, resulting in an emergency convening of the Senate in Kaon.

Soundwave and his cassettes—now joined by Rumble and Frenzy, refitted by Shockwave—were freed on an unwitting Ratbat's orders, and then helped Starscream murder the entire Senate.

After Zeta Prime was made leader of the Autobots, the new leader managed to restore a semblance of order to Cybertron, forcing the Decepticons back to the shadows for a period of time.

In spite of - or perhaps because of — Zeta's clampdown on illegal activities, the Decepticons continued to amass resources and new recruits, but as increasingly unscrupulous 'bots joined their ranks the Decepticons slowly lost sight of their original goal and became increasingly militant.

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