Skype hookups

According to the largest, most comprehensive study analyzing our attitudes and behaviors, "The Millennial generation, those born between 19, seek more workplace flexibility and opportunity for overseas assignments as keys to greater job satisfaction." It's unsurprising then that the number of Americans living overseas has never been higher.In short, we value the flexible ability to regularly pick up and traverse the world in pursuit of our careers. Trust me, I'm in one and, if you're a Millennial, there's an increasing likelihood you are (or will be) too.It's that geographical permanence is increasingly .

Our parents and grandparents may feel that virtual communication is impersonal, but for 20-somethings, it's second nature.Couples in long-distance relationships enjoy it to keep the zing alive; strangers engage in some short-lived Skype lovin’ either to search for someone with a similar appetite, or to simply pass the time.And then there are some folks over on the app Whisper who need to release some steam by sharing their deepest secrets about Skype sexing. Skype sex can mean a hot and heavy moment between strangers on opposite ends of the globe.Millennials value transience - in many ways, it's all we know.On the cusp of adulthood, the majority of today's high school graduates leave home for college, where we build relationships - romantic or otherwise - with our peers from unfamiliar places.

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