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And even though it was never simultaneous, I still wouldn’t date someone who knew an ex; but now as I’ve gotten older and the degrees of separation have lessened, so have my limits. Initially, I would shun away all of the guys who knew him.

Partly because I wasn’t sure if we would get back together and also because I wasn’t sure how it would look to other people. But then I had to consider this: would I be missing out on something good because I’m holding on to the past?

The 1990s brought the popular game, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, while we bring you, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon's Bed.

Also, Cheryl was almost raped, but Veronica and the Pussycats stepped in just in time to save her.

The 2017 Country Music Awards opened with a tribute to all of the tragedies happening in the world including the terrorist attacks in Las Vegas, Charlottesville, New York, Sutherland Springs and the natural disasters in Texas, Puerto Rico and Florida.

Of course I would prefer to date someone who knows nothing of any of my exes, but the reality is the dating pool is small. Everyone has their own limitations of who they will or won’t date due to the degrees of separation; but I’ve decided if I disregard every guy who knows someone I dated, despite their level of friendship, I may be doing myself a disservice.

And unless they are family, close friends, or interact on a frequent bases why should it really matter if they know each other?

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