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I did another fab gear Rock Tour on Sunday with a full van of curious, enervated rock lovers.One girl came from Chicago, another was from Spain. People seem to love our stop at the Canyon Country Store in Laurel Canyon, which hasn’t changed a whit since Back in the Day.

Sex is sorely lacking on concert stages all over the world.Main interests in Magick are Mesopotamia, Cabala, Alchemy, Comparative Religion and Mythology, and the Runes.Persönlich würde ich es ja gerne untertiteln mit: ein Berliner Rebllenleben unter der Gürtelinie, aber das würde den vielschichtigen Geschichten, die Schmacht alle naselang anreisst nicht gerecht werden.The King is rolling in his grave – can’t you hear him?I’m surprised he doesn’t crawl up though the sod and Graceland grass shards to remind musicians how it’s done.

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