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A student wrote an op-ed criticizing the decision, to which Khan wrote on Facebook “white fragility can kiss my ass.Your white tears aren’t sacred, this land is.” The university at one point said a Senate Discipline Committee would consider the matter due to “unwelcome or persistent conduct that the student knows, or ought to reasonably know, would cause another person to feel demeaned, intimidated or harassed.” Days later, the school withdrew the complaint against Khan.The video of students and faculty opposing the press went viral.

Shepherd is between two movements, one of transgender people speaking up for their rights and another of right-wing free speech protectionists fighting against political correctness on school campuses.When Lindsay moved away to study at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C., she was a member of the school’s recreation centre, helped with the student union elections committee, and worked at a local gelato shop.But she’s no longer fully in control of her own narrative.With minutes until it’s time to leave the restaurant for the rally, Shepherd rehearses her opening line: “I never thought we would get to a point in society where showing a clip from There was no TV in the Shepherd home growing up.

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