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Personal checks can “bounce” when there are insufficient funds in the check writer’s account; cashier’s checks do not bounce.

The counterfeits are generally of excellent quality and may even fool the bank initially.

Anyway, the sordid story continues and ‘she’ decides she loves me so much that ‘she’ wants to come and see me but, alas, ‘she’ can’t afford the airfare.

One of the current schemes involves a scammer contacting someone who has an item for sale on the Internet.What makes this plot work is that most people place great confidence in cashier’s checks.Cashier’s checks are generally considered much safer than personal checks, since they are issued by financial institutions that have already verified the existence of sufficient funds.Adding further to the deviousness of the scheme is the fact that the criminal does not ask for an advance fee.More and more people are savvy enough to recognize the request for an advance fee as the tell-tale sign of the so-called Nigerian fraud.

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