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Paul is widely considered one of tech’s most visionary leaders.He helped lead the mobile revolution in the early 2000s, creating many of the foundational technologies that made the smartphone possible and set the stage for a connected world.Lin-Hua leads communications at Dropbox, overseeing our corporate, product, international, and analyst relations teams.She was previously Head of Corporate Communications at Square, Inc. Drew co-founded Dropbox in 2007 and has led its growth from a simple idea to a service used by hundreds of millions of people around the world.

He helped lead one of the great growth stories in tech history by turning Priceline into one of the world’s most profitable and valuable technology companies.Dennis leads day-to-day operations at Dropbox, growing sales, partnerships, user operations, and several other teams.Formerly Google’s President of Americas, he oversaw Google’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility and then served as its CEO.We create products that are easy to use and are built on trust.When people put their files in Dropbox, they can trust they’re secure and their data is their own.

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