Intimidating quote cambios de la edad adulta

I think I would have done better in my career if Iwere a little more intimidating. But I love women.- Rachel Weisz To be honest, I find going out pretty scary and intimidating.

Even the maid who comes to work for me once a weekhas found out that she can just trample over me... We are not ferocious people.- Karen Black I've done a lot of Super Bowls and appeared in a lot of big,big events and places and the Masters and what have you,but there was nothing as intimidating as speaking with Billy Graham.- Pat Summerall If I went out in killer heels and full makeup,blow dry, the whole thing - anyone dressed up likethat could be intimidating to men and women,really. Got all those people checking you out,with only one purpose: hooking up.

It's a relationship that has evolved over time, given me the greatest respect and love for the game.

“The Santa myth is one of the most effective means ever devised for intimidating children, eroding their self- esteem, twisting their behavior, warping their values, and slowing their development of critical thinking skills”“Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”“The experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by a mountain -- he is inspired by it.

Greene After 16 years in pictures I could not be intimidated easily,because I knew where all the skeletons were buried.- Gloria Swanson We are not intimidated by the size of the armies,or the type of hardware the US has brought.- Saddam Hussein What is it like when you see me in all these filmsand then you meet me? - Eva Marie Saint I'm intimidated by the fear of being average.- Taylor Swift Once you've found something you know how to do,it makes you feel you don't have to be intimidated by someone.- Mira Sorvino I'm intimidated every day I go on the stage and everyday I go on a movie set.

It's terrifying and I always want to reshoot the first day or the first week, I'm so terrified.- Catherine Zeta-Jones I was really nervous, intimidated by the whole thing-allthe people and all the buzzing,and all the sitting around waiting. I did the best I could in the situation I was given.- George Clooney Theatre is expensive to go to.

And by the time I came to it in life,it was too intimidating to enjoy thoroughly.- Warren Zevon I think in the end, when you're famous,people like to narrow you down to a few personality traits.

But the choice is really up to Iran and we're goingto keep working to try to come out with the right decision.- Hillary Clinton Will they attack us? Will they smear our backgrounds and distort our records? Will they lie about us, harass our families,namecall to try to intimidate us? Bush I am confident that the British people will not beintimidated by terrorism.- Tom Allen People are intimidated in court, and I try to make them more comfortable.- Harold H.

Without that tool, he would not have had control.- R.

Lee Ermey Judges must be free from political intervention or intimidation.- Stockwell Day I had my bully, and it was excruciating.

I'm quite the dork, I'd rather sit home and play Scrabble. - Wentworth Miller I knew that because of who I am, and the situation I'm in,that I'd attract more critics than your average person,and that was a little intimidating, but I wanted toget out there and pay my dues.- Lisa Marie Presley So I still seized the power, but I felt that if I officially made myself the boss,in black and white, it would be too intimidating forthe other producers and the other men who worked on the show.

In other words, I had the power, but I gave them the title.- Marlo Thomas Rank does not intimidate hardware.

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