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    granted,i didn't want to be a second fiddle,but she pleaded with me to asked that she has to chose between me and him,she dodged the question many times.i left, Nobody wants to be at the negative receiving end of double dating, but the positive end is too alluring to ignore. As for me, i don't have the strength, and will use whatever remaining i have to find someone i won't have to worry over my back if she's "finding her needs elsewhere"Can you imagine to have double-dating at below: One week, you date Jane/John Doe. Most of us date just one guy but sleep with many more cos, "he's a nice guy, he's so cute,, did you see those kegs, damn she was in my room and there was nothing i could do, etc. Anyway i used to Tripple date but, People let's think of it this way, if your sister is double dating and miss her time for marriage because she feels she is having fun, who is to be blamed? well in my own view, i strongly believe that double-dating is very wrong because ur mind is not settled, u result to always telling lies to bail out from sum poo u no.4 ME, I THINK DOUBLE DATING IS RIGHT because D END OF IT ALL IS' COUNFUSION'. If it is understood with all parties that one is not seeking a commitment, but just wants to casually date then there is nothing wrong with it because honesty was communicated up front so all parties know that he/she is not their boyfriend/girlfriend (you're merely a friend). prove me wrong..there is nothing wrong with double dating in principle but the problems come if and when you fall for one of the people you are seeing, the other one when dumped could cause terrible damage. How will you seek and find if you don't experiment as the Chemists do. if the circumstances warrant it please in my opinion do... I mean people who double date try and get a grip please its not just right! or wud encourage the same thing to ur younger ones?

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