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The geographical areas concerned are Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, the rest of the Near East and the Black Sea countries. To date 157 participants from more than 24 different countries have registered for the Terracottas Conference; 45 of whom will give a lecture and the rest will present posters.Concentrating on unpublished finds or collections from the Eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor, the colloquium aims to tackle a series of questions which can be grouped as four principal interlinked and overlapping themes: production and diffusion, iconography and function.In this conference several different topics that are crucial for understanding the development of coroplastic studies in Turkey from its beginning in the 19th century until the present day will be presented.The most important problems can be summarised as follows: While these problems create difficulties in analyzing the material, they do not present insurmountable obstacles.Moreover, it remains questionable if this significance is universal or changes from place to place, from period to period.

Two main focus of this paper will be their production techniques as well as their typologies.Between the years 2002-2004 a geometric round atlar, earthed by a further Archaic rectangular altar was found at Claros. Among others one of the most spectacular cultic object group found in this altar were bull terracottas of 8th and 7th centuries B. Most of these bull figurines are large sized and resemble to that of Samian Heraion. Sizes of these figurines differ from miniature to hollow massive that were produced at wheels and therefore hollow.Most of samples have a simple band ornamentation, but in some cases careful geometric designs were also applied.Les produits de cet atelier révèlent l’influence puissante d’un centre dynamique de production, la capitale macédonienne, Pella.Dans plusieurs cas, on soupçonne l’importation depuis Pella de moules originaux ou encore la prise de surmoules sur des figurines fabriquées dans les ateliers de la capitale.

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