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Born Jillian Warry on September 26, 1966, Jillian Barberie’s age is 51.She was adopted by her parents in Canada, her birthplace, and raised in Ontario.Pete started doing promos for Fox Sports, and did all the promos and was voice for the talk shows THE SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW for the WB and THE GREG BEHRENDT SHOW for Sony.He also was the voice for the WB’s STEVE HARVEY’S BIG TIME, and did all the promos for AMERICAN IDOL REWIND.Pete also plays several characters in the two biggest online video games in the world, EVERQUEST and WORLD OF WARCRAFT, as well as the games SAINTS ROW and PITFALL, and recently voiced roles in the hit Cap Com game DRAGON’S DOGMA.In 1994, Pete helped start HOLLWOOD HEART, a nonprofit organization that opens doors for teens and young adults affected by HIV/AIDS and other at-risk youth through its educational arts opportunities and annual summer camp.At one point, Jillian Barberie’s stroke was trending on the Internet, as she allegedly had one on camera.The news about the stroke turned out to be a total hoax, as the incident couldn’t be confirmed.

Everything changed in 1998 when he met animation legend and director, Sue Blu, who became his mentor and changed his life.He also began doing infomericals like the P90X, Slim in Six, Turbo Jam and Marilu Henner’s Body Victory.Pete was also on the very well known Reebok campaign for “Terry Tate, Office Linebacker”.However, she claimed otherwise saying, “But the truth is, I loved being on set.Teasing Steve, doing celebrity interviews and working off script and ad libbing! I could not imagine doing any other role on that show after almost two decades!!

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