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21–35; The Church in the Changing World; The Lord's Supper: Past and Present Practices.(1858–1930).

Other works include The Church Through the Ages; “ Christology and Lord's Supper in the Perspective of History,” A Reexamination of Lutheran and Reformed Traditions, II: Christology, The Lord's Supper and Its Observance in the Church, pp.

See bibliography of Religion, Comparative.(1794–1849).

See also Chinese Philosophy, 5; Chinese Term Question.

Taboos have been used for various religious and soc. The term has also been used to designate warning signs used by primitive people. Radical group of Hussites*; named after Tabor, town S of Prague in the former kingdom of Boh.

The term tabula rasa can be traced back at least as far as Aristotle,* Book 3, De anima, ch.

of China (also known as Nationalist China), whose govt.

The Mustard Seed, Inc., HQ Glendale, California, was organized in the 1950s to support certain interdenom. LCMS work began 1951 (see Gruen, Olive Dorothy); a sem. at Taipeh 1952, moved to Chia Yi 1954, combined with efforts of the Taiwan* Luth. (related to The ALC) in formation of a Federated Luth.

Die Liebe feiern und Ehepaare ermutigen, darum geht es bei der Marriage Week, die vom 7.

Evangelisches Gesangbuch der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland (EKD) und iher Gliedkirchen, der Evangelischen Kirche Augsburgischen und Helvetischen Bekenntnisses in Österreich sowie der Kirche Augsburgischer Konfession und der Reformierten Kirche im Elsass und in Lothringen (Frankreich).

909 bis 914 - Beigaben Die Regionalteile der einzelnen Landeskirchen unterscheiden sich und sind bzw.

Set apart as venerable or as having dangerous supernatural power; forbidden to profane contact.

Secure, safe-like receptacle (e.g., cupboard or closet), often richly ornamented, used in RCm for vessels containing host* reserved for Communion outside mass and for adoration; usually attached to an altar.(tabu; Tongan tabu).

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