Dating a fender mexican strat

In 1979 a notch was added for a ground wire lug in the control cavity and output jack cavity and a black shielding paint was sprayed into the cavities right over the lugs and wires that were soldered to them.

If a solid paint color was applied to the body it was applied right over the shielding paint which may make it hard to see. Finish: Polyester (Aliphatic Urethane Coating), or "poly" as it's most commonly knows as in the guitar industry, was applied as a sealer/basecoat.

Be aware of another code found on these pots, 013446.

It has nothing to do with the date as I've seen the exact same code of pots ranging from 1977 - 1981 strats.

ALOT of "1979" Strats with S9 serial numbers I've recently seen online appear to be from 1980, including the Strat I bought.

This manufacturing process was used regardless of whether it was a Maple or Rosewood fingerboard.The first three digits refer to the manufacturer, CTS.The last four are broken up into pairs, where the first two, 78, stand for 1978 and the last two stand for the week, which is the 18th.First four digits are paired up, 09 is the model number for the Stratocaster, and 00 is the neck configuration, in his case a fretted Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard. 38 is the week, 9 stands for the year, 1979, and 3 is the day of the week, which is Wednesday.The '*' represents a middle digit that is either an 'X', a '-' or something that resembles a '1/2' or '1/4' fraction.

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