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She left behind an established career in journalism, including public relations and development communications in education, government, and arts and culture, in the Philippines.She was married to the late Felix N Imperial, II, restoration architect.Garbed though, in de rigueur thermal inner wear, woolen sweater, down coat with furred hood, a woolen or fur-lined hat or knitted cap, scarf also, woolen or knitted, to wrap the neck up to the nose, goggles to save the eyes from blindness in the snow and frozen air, gloves and yes, boots, also both heat insulated, all together often makes one feel thick as a bear.Still, even indoors with heaters set at 30 degrees, and a fireplace throwing off tempered heat, sweaters and sweatpants, as well as fleece or towel socks replace the all-cotton wear and strap slippers of a seemingly long-ago summer; or else, a chill that creeps through your feet would catch you padding around soon, with 10 white freezing crinkly toes.Add to these, a few exchanged gifts I would receive, like a framed winter idyll of winter cottages up in the Rockies or Mt.Shasta, half buried in snow with their pitched roof, plumed by chimney smoke.Now, all these make me wonder if Dading ever came to North America and lived her fantasy.Alegria Albano-Imperial, now an internationally published and awarded poet of haiku and other Japanese short poetry forms, writes from Vancouver, BC, Canada, where she has immigrated.

Here are a few tips to make your dish­washing easier: • Get a reliable dish­washing liquid.And when it comes to chicken dishes, they use only the freshest, cleanest, and superior-quality poultry products, like Bounty Fresh Chicken.Read More » A short film made by students from the Digital Filmmaking program of De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde won four major awards at the second annual Sine Nanay Film Festival, held at the Philip­pine Women’s University (PWU) Concert Hall on Taft Avenue, Malate, Ma­nila, on December 16.And not only did she don such get-up during the ‘ber-months’, she actually kept it up throughout the year.With the many I’ve seen on TFC, especially in programs packed with celebrities, some even sporting light parka (winter coats insulated with either down feathers or synthetic fibers for heat), when temperatures drop a bit, Dading proved to be a trailblazer. Had I not left Manila’s summer heat, maybe I would not even recall Dading, much more write with a palpable sense of irony about the Filipino’s un-tamped down “White Christmas” dream.

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