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The students can visit the EU-Parliament and the Austrian Embassy at the EU.

Before they travel, they discuss questions like "What do you expect from the EU? "Ruth Hiltz and her students performed the European Anthem for Children on april 25, at the Vienna City Festival.

The Austrian Spring Day Team had compiled a list of topics, which will hopefully also served as an incentive for schools to start their work on Europe related topics: Transport, Sustainability, Water Resources, Migration, Multi-Ethnic Societies, Alternative Energy, Food Crisis, Equal Opportunities, Education, Mass Media, Agriculture, the EU and other trade blocs worldwide, European Identity, For students and teachers, who are looking for some ideas and hints, the webpages on European Projects and Debate Europe offer a good survey of activities.

They are also welcome to visit the website on European Values, which contains a number of hints for Spring Day activities.

Johann Drscher represented his school on March 24, 2009 at the European Innovative Teachers Forum 2009 in Vienna.

He was the representative of one out of 6 Austrian schools.

The Representation of the European Commission in Austria as well as the Information Office of the European Parliament for Austria support the project.

Therefore it appeared self-evident, that the teachers wanted to discuss the future of the education system together with the pupils and their parents.

And this takes place in the course of Spring Day, in the "long school night, on March 30, 2009. Susanna Bstndig and her Team are focussing on the mottoe "We are Europe" in spring 2009.

The interactive exhibiton Europa entdecken at the new Europeum in Mariazell certainly offers interesting incentives for Europe related activities.

offers more than 30 initiatives and is finished by a huge festival in San Remo.

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