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"When we took Ryan to Freshman Orientation a few months ago they discussed how it takes awhile for the incoming students to acclimate to college life and they recommended that the parents not visit their kids for at least four to six weeks. After an hour in the sun, Janet decided that she had enough and was getting ready to head inside when she heard the backdoor of the house open. A few weeks ago she would have immediately covered up or acted like she didn't want him to see her boobs but now that they were lovers, she wanted to Ryan to see her tan glistening body. I love the smell of coconut," Ryan whispered in her ear. She couldn't help but to push her son's face in her dripping pussy as he licked her juices. **** Dinner time was approaching and Ryan was still off with his friends.

That didn't seem like a long time when we went to orientation but that was before..know...before Ryan and I became lovers. " Amber knew her friend well enough to know that Janet has quickly become addicted to her son and that the withdrawal for even a few weeks would be difficult. "I know this sounds silly but I was wondering if Bob would welcome our break from Ryan. I know that it was Bob's idea that Ryan and I become lovers but my relationship with Ryan has totally changed me. Ryan couldn't keep her hands off his mother's beautiful breasts. His hands gradually lowered to her bikini bottom and she felt Ryan push her skimpy bottom to one side and his finger easily slipped inside her already wet pussy. Janet called Ryan on his cell phone to see if he was going to have dinner with them but Ryan said that he would just meet his parents back at the hotel room about pm.

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It's the story of a married couple, Janet and Bob Simpson and their son Ryan and how the father encourages his wife to take on their young son as her lover. Janet had to laugh when she remembered discovering that her son had quite a collection of digital photos on his computer of her lying out in her bikini. " Ryan got down next to the lounge chair and poured some lotion in his hand and rubbed in on his mother's back. I need you now." Ryan pulled Janet close to him and kissed her deeply. Janet's tan contrasted so much with the covered skin that when she was naked it looked like she was wearing a snow white bikini. She briefly thought about how her husband, Bob, would love to be in the room watching her with Ryan. Even Bob thought that Janet's choice of outfits was too revealing but Janet refused to change. Ryan was rooming with some of his friends so they went off together and left Janet and Bob to tour the campus.

He was hoping that he was going to spend the night with his mother but he wasn't sure.

His cock was hard all day watching her walk around the campus in her short shorts and tank top with her nipples clearly at attention. As soon as he entered the room she walked over and gave him a deep kiss. I love you so much", she said and immediately began to undress her son.

In the first story, Janet seduces her son with her husband's full approval. Poor boy, if he had only asked she would have been glad to model and show off more of her mature firm body for him. His hands gradually moved down to her long legs and back up to her ass. Janet purred like a kitten as her son rubbed his hands all over her body. Janet was so tuned on that she really didn't care who witnessed their forbidden act but she got up, grabbed Ryan's hand and led him to her bedroom. I have to wash off some of this lotion," said Janet. Janet trembled as she felt her son's tongue slowly run up her legs. I love the smell of coconut but I love the taste of it even more," whispered Ryan. She opened her legs widely and felt her son's tongue inside her. As they walked around the campus Janet's attire earned the appreciation of a lot of the young college guys there.

He wants to you be happy plus you yourself told me how much he enjoys watching you and Ryan together. With a campus full of young girls what if Ryan finds a girlfriend and is no longer interested in me? Try not to worry so much." Janet felt better as she returned home. Bob enjoyed his new role as her cuckold to want her to give up their son. Janet kissed his shoulders softly, held him close until his young cock went soft inside of her. Why hadn't Bob encouraged her before to take Ryan as her lover? In the past Bob had been allowed to watch or at least listen in when Ryan and Janet made love. She knew that she probably wouldn't see Ryan again for another four to six weeks.Bob knew that Janet would want to spend the night with her son.Bob wanted to give the incestuous mother and son some privacy but he also wanted to be able to crack the connecting door enough to watch Ryan making love to Janet.And I'm going to stay with Ryan all night so don't expect me to come back to your room." When Bob and Janet got back to the hotel they had over two hours until Ryan returned.Janet went to the room where she would be spending the night with Ryan and set candles strategically around the room.

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