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If you want software that works, doesn't cost an arm and a leg, contains no spyware and just plain doesn't suck - you're at the right place. ZS4: Combine a variety of media types (currently photos, videos and audio files) into one (or more) output file(s).

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Also, some of these giveaway sites will require you to login or create an account in order to get the free software – this is where temporary/disposable email services are handy (just search on Google for “temporary email” to see what I’m talking about).

I’ve compiled a source of over 22 software giveaway sites so that you could search and find what you’re interested in.

This led me to create a page where you can find all the software giveaways that are currently active on the Internet.

Use the Contact option at the top to let me know and I’ll include it in this list if it’s something worth mentioning (it should have at least 1 active giveaway per week).

Please note that some software developers organize giveaways simultaneously across these giveaway sites, so you will encounter duplicates.

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