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Bill pay and Pay as you go customers can use the app to see their account details and usageinformation. Remember, downloading any app from the Internet will use a small amount of data from your bundle.If you’re a corporate or business customer you may not be able to access all features in the app. Check to see if your Android phone supports the app before you download.Remaining allowances information should update every 20 minutes but can take up to 24 hours update, tap the dial on the homescreen for more information on reset time and expiry dates.

With Secure Net activated, if you try to download a harmful or unsafe file Vodafone will block the download and alert you via SMS.

When using chat, you will also receive a notification that it’s been sent and delivered and additionally see when your messages have been read.

Go to your address book, click on a contact and press on the new message option.

A pop up will request which application you want to use for this action.

Select ‘Vodafone Message ’ and check the ‘always’ option.

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